The Tunnel 10 Run
Hello Runners, 
Just a final e-mail before Monday.

We are aware there is a weather warning in place for rain, however the forcast for Fowey is Light rain and breezy, so please be prepared, in the tunnel will be releatively dry but outside it will likely be wet, however in Cornwall it is something we are all pretty used too :-)

The tunnel is lit, but is darker than outside, generally there is no need to bring torches.
The race will start at 10am.  Registration will be from 08.30am where you will be given a race number plus pins to attach to the front of your vest. 
Please state at time of registration if you intend to only do the 6km
The race briefing will be at 09.50am. 
There are three car parks available in Fowey.
Two are  adjacent to the race start 
1. Caffa Mill PL23 1DF
2. Old Station Yard car park. PL23 1DF
These have limited parking.
The main Fowey car  park is in Hanson Drive PL23 1HA which is a ten minute walk from the race start. There is plenty of parking here.
The race will be signed from here. 
The entrance to the race is through the gate next to  Fowey Library PL23 1JS. This will be signposted.
There are toilets at the main car park and Caffa Mill car park. (takes 20p pieces) 
There are also two toilets at the race site. 
There is storage for outer clothing but no changing facilities. Refreshments will be available to purchase before and after the run.
There is a strict NO DOGS policy within the whole race and spectator area (Imerys dock site policy because of possible rabies transmission).
The 10 km race runs from Fowey to Par docks (see Map) where there will be a water station and the turn point (5km).
The 6km run will turn just after the end of the tunnel where there will also be a water station.

If there are any further questions please Contact Us 
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