Our Goal

Fowey River Gig Club Ltd is a non profit making company, we are interested in getting people aged junior and upwards on to the water in for social, competitive and training reasons to better themselves, their well being and there team, that is our primary goal.  We do raise monies from our membership fees but this falls far short of the costs involved in running the sport, so in addition we fund raise, hold events and apply for grunts (where available) to keep the sport as cost effective as possible for everyone.

No-one from the club takes any monies for there own personal gain, all time and personal effort put in by the coxes, committee members and other helpers is done so willingly and without pay.


From time to time we send out news via e-mail of what we’ve been up to and upcoming events like the Tunnel 10, if your interested in receiving these fill out the form here.

Your e-mail address is used purely by the system to send out e-mails and nothing else, we don’t pass your details on to anyone, additionally e-mails are sent quite infrequently so if you don’t hear from us in a while don’t worry (but also check your spam folder).


Our website is there to provide you with information about the club and events, personal information collected is kept to a minimum and we DO NOT work with any advertising agencies, we also will NOT pass any of your details on to any other company.

Our website is hosted on a paid for platform provided by Hostpresto and is not funded by advertising, you can checkout Hostpresto’s GDPR policy here.

Cookies are used only to track selections made within the website and are not shared with anyone else, you can checkout our cookie policy here.

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