Coronavirus – Training Suspended

I’m sure all of you are fully aware of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic following advice from the CPGA we are suspending all training and rowing related activities until further notice.

We will continue to review this at regular intervals and hope to get out again as soon as possible but everyone’s (and their families) health is paramount.

A bit about us…

Here at Fowey Gig Club we promote the sport of Cornish Gig Boat rowing, boats look like this: Psst…..Thinking of joining, we are especially after Juniors at the moment? Click here Seen it all before, checkout the Latest News and Twitter Feed

That’s Troy, the view you can sea is of the Isles of Scilly and that is where the World Pilot Gig Championships are held, yes you heard right world. Although mainly clubs form Cornwall & Devon attend there are also many other clubs from around the UK and indeed the world, you can read about the World Championships here.

Rowing is very popular in Cornwall, and although a lot of the time the main sports dominate the press we recently found ourselves in the position of being on The One Show (click to check it out).

New members are always welcome, checkout our Training Page for more information. But what about cost I hear you say, Gig Boats are expensive, well, yes you are right, with a Gig Boat costing around £30,000 a piece it is an expensive sport, however annual membership at Fowey Gig Club costs less than a single month at many gyms it’s a lot less than you think, how can we do this? Well we raise money through our annual event in which members are expected to help out, it’s great fun (especially if the weather is good), we also apply for grants when they are available to help with funding.

There is also a great social element, meeting up with people who have similar interests to your own, and yes as was traditional with the seafarers and made famous by a certain Captain Jack Sparrow “there has all the rum gone” we do like to get together off the water. It should be noted that unlike some other sports, all rowers are generally friendly and approachable, this is something we are proud of as a club and that extends to other clubs as well. In fact over 3,000 rowers attended the World Gig Championships in 2016, crammed on the small island there was no trouble in fact the police have welcomed the rowers back any time, what other sports can boast that 😉

Juniors in the Fowey Carnival


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We row from Fowey Caffa Mill, if you see us say hi, or drop us a message. If your more interested in joining us check out this link

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