We are currently on WINTER TRAINING

We row from Caffa Mill slipway, Fowey.

During the Summer crews generally row between 6:00pm-10:00pm on a Tuesday and 6:00pm-10:00pm on Thursday evening, novices tend to go out at 6pm on a Thursday, and Juniors Monday and Wednesday at 5:30pm, but sometimes this is subject to change because of peoples availability and weather conditions.  Rowing from Fowey has a big advantage over other sea-side areas that the river is protected during rough weather and where other clubs cannot row because of poor conditions we are usually out rain or shine, but sometimes for example in exceptionally high winds or thunder & lightning we have to cancel.

The Cornish Championships are held in September, normally after this time we have a bit of a break, then resume with Winter training, because of the dark evenings (and there is generally no events on at the weekend) we swap to rowing at the weekend, this usually happens on a Saturday or Sunday around 8:30am additionally there a running group which go out on a Tuesday evening.

If you are interested in joining a training session be sure to Contact Us to check training times/dates before attending, this might save you a wasted trip if the boat is full or training is cancelled for whatever reason.



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